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neil cauldle the shot

Posted on: March 29, 2009 5:06 pm

 So niel caudle you get your shot ,  you have been a patient man setting on the sidelines  watching and learning.   It wasnt that long ago you were an elite eleveen quarterback but an injury in high school slowed you down .   auburn still gave you the scholarship to come and play for a good program and you accepted.  Dont look back at what could have been but look at what can be.  the auburn nation is waiting for a good quarterback will you step up and give us that.  we need a leader , someone who can actually throw the ball and make thier reads on the defense , can you be that guy the guy we want. 


that is my message to neil we need him to do something because im not comfortable with kodi.  I really dont think he can do it. some may disagree but none will disagree that no matter who it is someone needs to step up .  cause if we get a quarterback we get a winning team and someone who could stop alabamas one game winning streak lets start us up another six gamer over the greatest coach of all time , well only if you are a bamer. 

  lets all stand up and show our support , lets make a trail to the spring game , to show them we care if they win or lose.


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