Posted on: March 29, 2009 5:06 pm

neil cauldle the shot

 So niel caudle you get your shot ,  you have been a patient man setting on the sidelines  watching and learning.   It wasnt that long ago you were an elite eleveen quarterback but an injury in high school slowed you down .   auburn still gave you the scholarship to come and play for a good program and you accepted.  Dont look back at what could have been but look at what can be.  the auburn nation is waiting for a good quarterback will you step up and give us that.  we need a leader , someone who can actually throw the ball and make thier reads on the defense , can you be that guy the guy we want. 


that is my message to neil we need him to do something because im not comfortable with kodi.  I really dont think he can do it. some may disagree but none will disagree that no matter who it is someone needs to step up .  cause if we get a quarterback we get a winning team and someone who could stop alabamas one game winning streak lets start us up another six gamer over the greatest coach of all time , well only if you are a bamer. 

  lets all stand up and show our support , lets make a trail to the spring game , to show them we care if they win or lose.


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Posted on: January 20, 2009 7:34 pm

all hail the new president

  we are all part of this country and live in it.  and whether we like it or not we all have a new president.  i hope he does well because i love my family and i want my family safe and to be taken care of.  will obama be the man for job , can he handle it ,  I dont think any can know that for sure ,but what i do know is this.  I will pray for him to do everything in his power being white or black to put everyones best interest at heart.   We all have to stand together right now to make it through a difficult time and the worst may not be here yet.   Think of this  rather we like it or not we have to live together , and together we will live or together we will die.  

  People can say what they wanted to about auburn not hiring a black man but at least they let a few speak which more than ole piss,  arkansas , alabama , tennessee ,  florida , iowa state ,  notre dame and alot of other schools did when they were hiring people.  so lets give auburn a break at least we made it look like we tried ,  which is more than i can say for a lot of other teams.  in the south and even in other places of the country .

   But i will stand firm in my belief this country is the best that there is and im telling you now it could be worse we could have nick saban as president lol.   or coke head jimmy johns,  or screw you guys im making millions andre smith.    or mal moore,  and the worst of the worst paul can you get me more whiskey bryant.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 7:12 pm

houston nutt should sue saban

   i mean come on guys look at what nutt has done his first season at ole piss , only team to beat florida so far and then he turned around and beat texas tech a team for a few weeks was going to play in the national title game.  the just didnt beat texas tech they destroyed them. 

  alabama and nick saban didnt do that they went 6 and 6 last year and looked terrible just completly fell apart , down the stretch.  and this year i want everyone to look at this season for bama , look at the whole picture and aftermath.  how many good teams , im not talking about great im saying good teams did bama beat.  i can only think of one and that is georgia ,  auburn sucked this year so did tennesse , clemson thier first game sure didnt show me the tide were back especially after they fired thier coach because of how bad they were doing.

  so i think nutt should go to the court system and request for him and saban to switch salaries because nutt is the one who deserves the four million not saban.

 oh and by the way , parker for bama gone , they are losing one of thier best defensive backs,  one or two of thier offesive lineman are going pro , and they are losing coffee , im sorry but saban might want to watch out with his cocky attitude. because he may just have to live on earth with us one day

Posted on: December 28, 2008 4:18 pm

Auburn should have hired turner gil for race.

   Auburn should have hired the great turner gil because of race being an issue .   look what auburn would have gotten if they would have hired him. 

1.  they would have gotten free good publicity everyone and thier moma would have gave them good press.  Everyblack guy on t.v. would have been eating out of auburns hands saying how good they were, how they cant believe first a black president and then a black head coach at auburn.

2.   If you would have sit julio jones in front of saban and turner gil who would he have picked.  He would have picked turner gil , he was from a rough neighbor hood , one that teaches the black community to stick together no matter the cost.  and every player after that would have done the same thing they would have picked gil not because he is a better coach but because he is black.  

   So yea i wanted turner gil but it was because of race that i wanted him , for my selfish reasons.   is that any better than not hiring him.

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 12:28 pm

florida vs oklahoma men vs. boys

  Maybe this year will be different , maybe we can actually see a good game in the n.c. game.  Maybe what they are saying about the big twelve being the best conference is true and florida will do good just to stick with them.  I dont know did people see the bama florida game or almost any other game florida was in and see the hitting going on in the trenches , the hitting that was being done with every tackle. 

  At the same time ask yourself this can oklahoma match that i have seen games that oklahoma has played in and it seems that the same hitting and the same punishment that is dealt out is not the same.  i have enjoyed watching the big twelve this season if you love the points and the drama but at the same time i love hard hits , i love it when someone doesnt know where they are at when they get up.  i love watching the big hits more than watching the big touchdowns.

   What this all boils down to is this when will the rest of the nation catch up to the south and its style of football.  Will it be this year when oklahoma beats florida,  or will they get closer with this game not being a blowout like the last two games , or does florida show that we didnt look good this year but we still produce the best and blow out oklahoma.
   I personally think oklahoma will make it close 35 to 31.

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